Al Sabo Land Preserve Engagement Photos at Golden Hour


I’ve said it a thousand times, but I’ll say it again. Creating with people who are comfortable with each other and with me always, always, always results in better images. I just always walk away feeling so satisfied. I’m forever thankful for the ways photography has allowed me to have a glimpse into people’s love.

Natalia and Ben are so freakin in love. And it showed. I hardly had to direct them the entire shoot, and that’s my favorite kind of session! I know it’s not always easy to be in front of the camera, but the more you can tune me out and just soak each other up the better! I promise to do my best to help you do that, but it’s a two way street and I always encourage my couples to pretend like I’m not there sometimes!

We danced in the woods, dodged poison ivy, and chased the golden sun, and it was the best day! I can’t wait for their August wedding!

(Also they have the best eyebrows I’ve ever seen on two people…like how does that happen?!)

Modern, Winter Wedding at the Cheney Place

2019 weddings have kept me so busy that I haven’t had a chance to blog anything yet! So I’m pumped to share this incredible wedding from March today!

McKenna and Josiah’s wedding was a PARTY! Their friends and family all got along so well and celebrated so big! It might have been 20 degrees (or less) all day, but they were troopers. And really, you never even need to go outside when you get married at The Cheney Place. I was swooning all day, you guys! Each floor looked different and had the coolest, eclectic vintage furniture. I’m obsessed and I need to shoot there again for sure!!

There’s so many fun, little details about this wedding that make it one of my favorites. First of all: McKenna’s dress. Honestly still can’t get over those sleeves and open back. Also, the sign with their last name about the head table! Josiah made that for their reception, and it was the star of the show. I couldn’t stop photographing it. Love special details like that! And last but not least, McKenna iced Josiah during the garter toss and it was epic. I still laugh when I see those images.

These two fell in love riding around on scooters and rollerblades around our campus, and now they’re living it up in Florida! Love you both lots!!


Venue: The Cheney Place

Dress: Becker’s Bridal

Florals: Glamour & Grit

Catering: Donkey Taqueria

DJ: Drew Behringer

Donuts: Sprinkles Donuts

Groomsmen: Men’s Wearhouse

Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal

Summer Camp Wedding in Zionsville, Indiana

I have no words for this wedding. It’s been almost two years since this day, and I keep coming back to it over and over. It’s one that I’m most proud of. The way Rachel and Evan honored their love, their traditions, and their families on this day was just incredible.

They met at camp as kids, and decided to get married there too because of how much it meant to them and the people they loved. If every single one of my couples could get married at the place that’s most important to them, I think I would be the happiest photographer. It creates such a relaxed atmosphere on a wedding day when you’re in a place that you love and feel comfortable in!

Rachel wore the most beautiful Hailey Paige gown and her bouquet was the biggest I’ve ever photographed, made by the amazing Wildwood Floral Co. Evan cried at least four times, and the two of them just brought me into their family with open arms. AND these two combined their last names to create their own - how freaking cool is that?!

Their details were camp themed in the best way possible. The Ketubah signing, Bedeken, and other Jewish ceremonies happened in buildings all over the campgrounds. The ceremony was intimate, their guests sitting on the same wooden benches where Rachel and Evan had spent summer nights as kids. (Check out their beautiful Chuppah…I die.) Their guests walked from the cocktail hour to the reception on a gravel road through the woods. And tables were arranged by cabins. After their reception, they finished with a huge bonfire and s’mores!

It was perfect, okay? Rachel and Evan, I’m still crushing over you two and this day two years later. <3

Venue: Goldman Union Camp Institute

Dress: Alice in Ivory

Florals: Wildwood Floral Co.

Rentals: A Classic Party Rental

Band: Ashley & The Cosmos

Cake: Classic Cakes

Invitations: On Paper

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Fall Wedding at the Golf Club at Little Turtle, Columbus Ohio

Ya’ll, I have never seen a bride and groom more excited to dance at their wedding than Jenna and Justin. They were basically just dancing all day long. Getting ready, during their first look, after their ceremony. It was amazing. And speaking of amazing, let’s talk about those fall colors!! We got the best of fall in Ohio - which only lasted about two weeks. I loved how relaxed these two were about their wedding day - it truly was only about their love and their people. It created such a stress free, fun environment! Future brides, take hints. ;)

Venue: The Golf Club at Little Turtle

Dress: Azzazie

Florals: The Flowerman

Videographer: Langdon Films (the best in Columbus!)

Cake: Resch Bakery

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Intimate Akron, Ohio Wedding at Wingfoot Lake State Park

Steph + Zach.

I could not have picked a better ending to wedding season than spending the day with these two. From our very first FaceTime conversation, I knew that they were going to be special. I have nothing against traditional weddings - my wedding was on the more traditional side! But when I get couples who want to switch things up a little bit, it sparks so much creativity in me while I shoot! And it makes for such a relaxed and fun atmosphere. So much of the pressure goes away when you don’t have a strict timeline.

Steph is far from traditional, and she and Zach dreamt up a day that fit both of their visions. They essentially got engaged together. Steph didn't want the fancy proposal, all focused on her. She wanted it to be a team effort, an equal partnership. So…he got her a ring and she got him a dog. They had a private ceremony for their close family in a shelter at Wingfoot Lake State Park in Akron. They stood in front of a roaring fire, under a “Best Day Ever” banner and said their vows. Then they had an open house for a few hours for their friends to come hang out and eat food. It was simple, sweet, and cozy.

Basically, I’m a fan, okay? Of so many things about this day. Steph’s pink, furry coat and her boots. Zach’s personalized details and the fact that he got his jacket from Salvation Army. The leaves on the ground that created the most perfect fall background. The way their portrait time felt more like hanging out than posing images. The way their family supported them and took care of everything!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a traditional, big wedding day, but there’s something really special about a day that’s more focused on the relationship and the marriage than the timeline or the flowers or the perfect moment. Both are important and right. But this one just had a little bit of magic to it.

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Columbus, Ohio Engagement Session

without a doubt, this is one of my favorite engagement sessions ever. photographing friends is always so rewarding for me! and beth and jake are just that: some of the greatest, funniest, and most passionate friends. he’s a firefighter and she’s doing full-time ministry. they inspire me every single day, and have welcomed me so well to columbus as i’ve transitioned here this summer and fall. they just have so much fun together!! and i think these photos really prove that.


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University of Dayton Engagement Session

It doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes I make connections with my couples that amaze me (especially because I'm an introvert and don't always know how to do that lol).  We might only see each other once or twice before their wedding day, but somehow they're texting me photos of their wedding dress and asking my opinion on sparklers or veils and even congratulating me on my own engagement!  When my couples 100% trust me and love my work, our connection is so much deeper and the images are so much better!  It's really that simple and beautiful, I think.  So here's to you Alex and Matt.  I'm so glad we found each other and September 22nd cannot come soon enough!!   

Rollerblade Engagement Session

These two made all my engagement session dreams I didn't even know I had come true.  Nothing like running around in some sun and finishing the night with rollerblading.  I loveee when my couples incorporate places or hobbies that mean something to them and visualize who they are as a pair.  It brings out so much more emotion and connection, and takes away some of the dumb expectations of engagement photos.  So...future couples...hint hint.  Don't be afraid to look silly or do something different for your engagement session!

These two get married in March in Grand Rapids, and I'm so freaking excited to be back in the city to document their love. <3 

The Goei Center Wedding, Grand Rapids MI

I could go on and on about these two.  I've always had a little secret friend crush on them.  They modeled for me for school projects before they were even engaged, and my fiancé and I got to know them throughout our college years.  So when they asked me to be a part of their wedding, I was swooning.  They're just the coolest humans with the most precious love story!  Watch their proposal video made by the super talented Hayden Goldsworthy here:

Spending the entire wedding weekend with them, their families, and their bridal party was amazing.  From ice cream the night before the wedding to waking up and getting ready alongside the bridesmaids, I really believe these images are better because of it.  The more I get to know my couples and their people, the more fun and relaxed and personal the photos become!  And every part of this day was beautiful.  Her black diamond and other details, their private first look, those bridesmaid hoops, the basketball court.  They made their day so unique to their personalities without even trying very hard, and it was perfect.  Also, I instantly fell in love with Grand Rapids, and shooting in urban locations is my new jam.  So, future brides....let's shoot in the city!

These two have such a beautiful love - for each other and for their family and friends - and I think it's evident in these images.  It was such an honor to document their day!


Venue: The Goei Center 

Catering: YoChef

Videography: Hayden Goldsworthy

Dress: Becker's Bridal 

Florals:  Eastern Floral

Invitations:  Zazzle




Broad Ripple, Indiana In-Home Session

I have known Zach and Lindsey for a few years.  I was on staff with Lindsey in our dorm, and Zach and I had a few art classes together.  I even took their engagement photos several years ago!  So when I put out the offer for a free couples session, I was so excited that they were the ones who won!  They let me into their home: cats, Johnny Swim, and Beyonce.  This was my first in-home session, and I'm so happy with the final result!

Thanks for all the love, you two! <3 


Lexi & Adam | Marion, Indiana Wedding

I met Lexi my freshman year of college - she was my "mentor" that I got paired with as part of the dorm I lived in.  She was also a photography major, and I looked up to her so much!  So, it was obviously such a privilege to photograph her wedding.  And their day was one of the most laid back, unique weddings I've ever been a part of.

As a wedding photographer, Lexi knew what was important to her and how quickly the day would go.  She and Adam were so chill about the little details and the timeline...they just wanted to be together!  They were married in front of an abandoned (soon to be renovated) home in Marion, Indiana, the little town they met in and are both passionate about.  Their table decorations were all centered around Lexi's plants.  She grew all of them at her house!  The bouquets were asparagus (uhhh okay!  loved that!), Lexi made her own dress ( that!), they gave away the glasses at the end of the night, and they planted a tree in the front yard to symbolize their dedication to rebuilding Marion.  It was absolutely beautiful!

Getting Ready Location: Brenda's Dream B&B

Dress, Bouquets, Centerpieces, Invitations: Handmade

Catering: Jefferson Street BBQ

Cake: Made by a friend

Bridesmaid dresses & groomsmen attire: Random 

Madeline & Buddy | Kingsport, TN

This June wedding in the mountains of Kingsport, Tennessee was one of my absolute favorites I have ever documented.  Madeline and I went to high school together, and because we graduated in a class of five (homeschooled), it wasn't hard to get to know each other!  She is the sweetest soul, and though college naturally brought separation, it was so much fun to celebrate her marriage to Buddy.  And holy cow, these two.  Their ceremony was the most emotional thing I've experienced while shooting weddings.  So many tears.  So much excitement.  So much love for each other and the Lord.  During worship, Buddy looked over at Madeline - singing with her eyes closed - and just smiled and looked down with a look of pride and joy on his face.  It is an honor to capture, and in some ways actually be a part of, those little moments that few others notice on a wedding day.

Venue:  The Allandale Mansion

Florals:  Aunt Willie's Wildflowers

Dress:  Annie's Room