oh heyyy!

I’m Olivia (but almost everyone calls me Liv)! I’m a Columbus, Ohio wedding photographer who loves Jesus, tacos + margs, summer, and pretty much everything about the Midwest (I know, I know I’m one of those people). I’m unapologetically introverted, but there are few things I love more than people and their stories. When I’m not drinking coffee, watching Friends, and editing, I love to be outside, shooting film, or spending time with my really big family (I’m the oldest of 11 kids!) and my hot hubs. I believe collecting stories and traditions are an important part of building your legacy, and the best way to pass them on to the people you love is through photography!


telling love stories

I’m a Hoosier through and through, but I fell in love with an Ohio boy and we got married in October of 2018! We dated long distance for over two years while I was in college, so we get excited about the small things of being together: waking up next to each other, passing out candy on Halloween, making a kitchen table so we can eat good food with good people. I’m a photographer, and he’s a musician (but who knows, he might become my assistant in the near future). We’re simple people, but we believe in big purposes and honest lives. We want to share the best things and the hard things about marriage in hopes of spurring others to deeper love!

image by Jenn Manor

my mission

I have a fear that someday, I won’t be able to remember the details of my life. I hate that technology has made it harder to take life slowly. And so I am a photographer. I’m not really interested in becoming the most famous photographer on Instagram or getting my images featured in every wedding magazine. And I’m probably not your girl if you’re just looking for another vendor to cross off your list. Weddings mean so much more to me than that! Your wedding photographs are one of the few things that last after the reception is over. I truly believe those images have the power to leave a legacy of your love for years to come.

If I’m going to tell your story honestly, I want to know you, your lover, and your family! I want you to trust me and love my art so much that we become more like friends! Tell me your love story. Tell me about when it was hard and when it was the best thing you’ve ever experienced. Tell me about your dreams and your family and your most embarrassing moments. I love movement and tears and huge smiles and deep, deep love - not overly posed or perfect images.

I believe your wedding day doesn’t have to be the most crazy, expensive, jaw-dropping event of the century. It will be special and unique to you even if you’re not on the top of a mountain and no matter how much money you spend on flowers. I want to be invited into your wedding planning process! It’s my goal to walk alongside you while you plan your big day - giving you tips, recommending vendors, creating a smooth timeline, and cheering you on. All while reminding you of the why behind it all. I want to tell your story of family and love and forever.