oh heyyy!

I’m Olivia (but almost everyone calls me Liv)! I’m a Columbus, Ohio wedding photographer who loves Jesus, tacos + margs, summer and the things that come with it, and pretty much everything about the Midwest. I’m unapologetically introverted, but there are few things I love more than people and their crazy, quirky, beautiful stories.

When I’m not drinking coffee, watching Friends, and editing, I love to be outside, shoot film, or spend time with my really big family and my hot hubs. I believe collecting stories and traditions are an important part of building your legacy, and the best way to pass them on to the people you love is through photography!


telling love stories

I’m a Hoosier through and through, but I fell in love with an Ohio boy and we got married in October of 2018! We dated long distance for over two years while I was in college, so we get excited about the small things of being together: waking up next to each other, passing out candy on Halloween, making a kitchen table so we can eat good food with good people. I’m a photographer, and he’s a musician (but who knows, he might become my assistant in the near future). ;)

image by Jenn Manor