Intimate Akron, Ohio Wedding at Wingfoot Lake State Park

Steph + Zach.

I could not have picked a better ending to wedding season than spending the day with these two. From our very first FaceTime conversation, I knew that they were going to be special. I have nothing against traditional weddings - my wedding was on the more traditional side! But when I get couples who want to switch things up a little bit, it sparks so much creativity in me while I shoot! And it makes for such a relaxed and fun atmosphere. So much of the pressure goes away when you don’t have a strict timeline.

Steph is far from traditional, and she and Zach dreamt up a day that fit both of their visions. They essentially got engaged together. Steph didn't want the fancy proposal, all focused on her. She wanted it to be a team effort, an equal partnership. So…he got her a ring and she got him a dog. They had a private ceremony for their close family in a shelter at Wingfoot Lake State Park in Akron. They stood in front of a roaring fire, under a “Best Day Ever” banner and said their vows. Then they had an open house for a few hours for their friends to come hang out and eat food. It was simple, sweet, and cozy.

Basically, I’m a fan, okay? Of so many things about this day. Steph’s pink, furry coat and her boots. Zach’s personalized details and the fact that he got his jacket from Salvation Army. The leaves on the ground that created the most perfect fall background. The way their portrait time felt more like hanging out than posing images. The way their family supported them and took care of everything!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a traditional, big wedding day, but there’s something really special about a day that’s more focused on the relationship and the marriage than the timeline or the flowers or the perfect moment. Both are important and right. But this one just had a little bit of magic to it.

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